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A 'fail-safe' way of taking back control of the way
in which people present your company.


The brand benefits

Presentations are often a company’s greatest exposure to their customers, as well as one of the main ways in which you present your brand and what you offer. This is why it is imperative that this aspect of your corporate communications is nurtured and created within the boundaries of your brand. 

  • The WizKit is a dynamic solution to building cutting-edge presentations quickly, while giving you the quality control of your company’s presentations/proposals. It also protects the strength of your brand identity and creates attractive on-brand presentations. Some more branding benefits are:

  • No need for complex brand guidelines

  • Translates your brand guidelines into PowerPoint in an easy to use, controlled, yet creative format

  • Grid and typography create a look and feel that reflects your print literature

  • All branding components are in one location and in relevant formats

  • Each slide layout option is on-brand - grid, typography, colours, imagery, charts, maps, etc

  • Consistent application of messages, content, design and branding no matter which country, which sector, or which customer.

  • ‘Our freedom within boundaries’ approach gives the end-user the freedom to create their own presentation, whilst ensuring your brand identity is communicated consistently and effectively

  • Updates or recalls all brand items (images, creds, guidelines)


The sales benefits

PowerPoint is often the main sales tool for both presentations and proposals to new and existing clients. The ability to make quick, clear and on brand presentations, that use the latest information about the company and its services will allow the sales people to win new business. A year after the BT worldwide sales force was equipped with a WizKit, an independent internal survey found that 40% of BT users reported that it had helped them win new business.

To aid BT in connecting the sales force on a global scale, sales material from the entire organisation was collected and restyled to reflect a consistent brand image. This included product and service offerings, client case studies, client quotes, network maps, digital video and product animations.

  • Usable in or out of the office

  • Can contain an unlimited number of documents

  • Automatically delivers all new or updated documents to the user's computer

  • Easy to use - no training required

A tried-and-tested solution

Our software has been in daily use by global companies for ten years. This means that your organisation will not be used as a guinea pig by third party or internal developers, thus removing the very real risks of project or budget overruns, leaving you with a product that resolves your communication problems. In addition, the WizKit:

  • Works with all PC’s

  • Works with all versions of Microsoft Office

  • Is solely designed for use by major corporations

  • Used by companies ranging in 25,000 to 250,000 people

  • Instantly updates content material worldwide (i.e. slides, charts, images etc.)

  • Can be used for presentations and proposals/reports

  • Can be extended to include Microsoft Word

  • Works with all languages (Roman and non-Roman e.g. Japanese)

Time is Money

Re-inventing the wheel can be costly. With the WizKit, there is no more searching for the right presentation format, logo format, images, etc. The WizKit takes care of that for you. It is a collection of files, multi-page templates, images, charts, case studies and company credentials held together via its own menu in PowerPoint.

The WizKit saves your company an inordinate amount of time and therefore money by providing the structural content and visual backbone to all presentations. And there are more ways the WizKit reduces internal costs:

  • No training required

  • Easy installation by end-user, reducing IT support costs

  • Easy world-wide distribution: via e-mail, web/intranet, CD or IT roll-out

  • Can be accessed through local networks, Intranets and Internet

  • Automatically updates local PowerPoint files, templates and libraries

  • Automatically updates all user files globally from one web server without cost or expense to local budgets

  • Ideal companion to Microsoft SharePoint. It allows you to extend your SharePoint libraries directly into the Office Ribbons and Menus.

  • Simplifies complex tasks by providing a visual and content backbone

What about the end user?

Clients have expressed that when they have implemented the WizKit in their organisations, they have been seen as using the brand in a proactive business-relevant way that delivers a genuinely useful tool which helps those struggling with presentations and proposals.

Each individual can update this WizKit through a local network, an Intranet or the Internet using any PC, and download a range of language or department specific packages in a variety of sizes to suit different memory capacities.

Here are some reasons why the WizKit is helpful to the end user:

  • Gives a consistently professional look and feel to sales presentations, this  increases the sales team's edge over the competition

  • Presentations can be developed quickly and easily, allowing sales to focus on building relationships with customers and partners

  • Easy to use templates allow users to cut and paste information to customize their own presentations

  • Massively simplifies the tasks of creating presentations by providing a visual and content backbone

  • Allows the end-user to build their presentation using professionally designed content material

  • Provides instant access to image libraries, logos, maps, guides and help files etc. 

  • Usable in or out of the office (ideal for remote workers)

  • No training required

  • Easy installation by end-user, reducing IT support costs  


How long would it take to create a WizKit for our company?

The basic WizKit will take 3 to 6 weeks to produce, from the time that we get the go-ahead from you until it can be rolled out to your users.

  • 1 week for templates

  • 2 weeks for all content libraries and guides

  • 1 week for you to test fully working version

  • 1 week for amends


Is a WizKit right for our company?

  • Do you operate in multiple locations?

  • Do you have a brand/identity that is important to you?

  • Do you make client-facing presentations?

  • Do you need control over the quality and content of presentations?

  • Do your employees need quick, faster and better ways to make presentations?


What would you need us to provide/do?

We would require very little from you, just your basic template designs, brand elements and a few samples of old presentations. We will use our experience to create/write professional templates, supporting libraries and guides, reprocess all  brand elements for use with PowerPoint, all of which will then be programmed into an installer/updater and linked to a detailed online log.

  • Your old templates and a list of their problems, or, a design for your new templates. This can be in any format e.g. PDF, EPS.

  • Your brand guidelines and brand elements and/or access to your brandsite.

  • Between 50 and 200 images or graphics

  • 15 old sample presentations

  • You will be asked to give approval at each stage of the project, e.g. creation of basic templates, creation of content libraries, creation of final package.


Please note: For confidential reasons we do not display copies of our clients’ WizKit on this website.
To answer your specific questions or demo the WizKits built for our clients book now to arrange a time for us to call you.






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