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An easy, efficent and cost effective way to manage the way your brand is presented in PowerPoint.


Downloadable WizKit information: Case studies & Costs.
Please note: for commercial confidence reasons we only put very limited information on our website, for further details please use the download link.

Why use a WizKit?

Simply because it's the only effective way a large company can take control of the quality of its PowerPoint presentations and proposals, whilst enabling everyone in the company to create professional-looking presentations and proposals in minutes, regardless of their skills in PowerPoint.


We can make this impressive claim because we have a successful track record working with companies ranging in size from 25,000 people to 250,000 people.  

The WizKit is a presentation system that works with PowerPoint and incorporates a collection of multi-page templates, images, charts, case studies and company credentials and any range of supporting material, all built to the highest standard and to your brand specifications. These are held together in a dynamic WizKit menu within PowerPoint. The menu also contains a range of custom built tools for use in building or applying the brand to presentations, a 'Brand-checker' that ensures the final presentation is on-brand, an automatic updater for all templates and support material, hyperlinks to additional resources and any other material such as PDF brand guidelines etc. 


Each user can then individually tailor a PowerPoint presentation to their own needs by typing in his or her specific information without having to worry about logotypes, symbols, fonts, type sizes, colour and images. The result is a time-saving, professional presentation which supports and communicates the brand identity.


Our 'freedom within boundaries' approach provides enough leeway for the end-user to create any PowerPoint presentation they require, but within the parameters set by the brand and marketing department. This benefits all parties. The end-user is thankful for the ease and speed in which they can create great looking presentations. And the brand and marketing department is able control the quality and consistency of your company's PowerPoint presentations, often your client's first real exposure to your brand identity.


Presentations, by their very nature, have become increasingly difficult to manage in terms of supporting a brand identity.

  • How many times do people within your organisation have to start a presentation from scratch?  

  • How much time do they waste searching for material that they know other people have used?  

  • How much time do they waste diluting the strength of your brand by adding their own unique ‘touch’ - this bit of music, that bit of imagery, some ‘flowery’ copy, or unique layout or colour?

Now you can be sure that the right logotype, symbol, colours, fonts, images, music, company information and copy style are being used to build and consolidate your brand time and time again. What’s more, the WizKit can be programmed to automatically update itself, allowing the marketing department to incorporate recent information such as new case studies and images on to the master files.





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