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Download link for more information.
Please note: for commercial confidence reasons we only put very limited information on our website, for further details please use the download link.


The WizKit includes everything from installers, templates, content libraries, style guides and support files and a detailed user log showing who is using which files and how often. It can also be expanded to include an automatic Brand Checker and a suite of custom-built tools. It can be expanded by you to include any range of supporting sales, marketing, corporate and branding material.


All of these can be created by us for you (or supplied by you), based on your brand guidelines and brand elements. During the creation of your presentation package, we can remove any existing problems you are currently experiencing with the company's presentations and templates. This is an impressive claim, yet we have a proven track record working with companies ranging in size from 25,000 people to 130,000 people.  




Easy installation

The WizKit can be installed directly
from the your company's Intranet or
automatically delivered to the desktop
by the IT department.

· User selected custom installation

· Installs a new Ribbon in PowerPoint

· Installs without needing Admin rights

· Reconfigurable for new packages

· Reconfigurable for new files




WizKit Ribbon in Office 2007 to 2016

· New Ribbon in PowerPoint, Word, Excel

· Displays any amount of of templates and supporting material, these can be displayed as a single large or small icon, as single or nested menus etc., with your own named tab.


· Ribbon rebuilds automatically for new
templates and supporting material.

· Works in or out of the office, or or off line.

· Compatible with Microsoft Office 2007 to 2016.

· Compatible with Windows Vista to Window 10.



Professionally-built PowerPoint templates

· Built to your design

· User friendly

· Optimised for print efficiency

· Optimised for smallest file size

· Pre-embedded custom fonts

· Pre-set custom colours

· Pre-set master slides



Professionally-built guides, libraries and
help files

A range of supporting files and libraries are
created and written by us based on your
own brand guidelines and brand elements.


· Quick-start guide

· Image libraries

· Chart libraries

· Diagram libraries

· Map libraries

· Icon libraries

· Help files

· Style guides

· Other required brand elements





Custom-built toolbar and tools

The WizKit presentation system incorporates
a set of tools that allows the end-user to
create on-brand presentations with ease.


This includes a 'Brand-Checker’, a fully
automatic way for the user to check if their presentation is on-brand and if not, for it to
be automatically corrected.




Automatic updates

· Master files on internet/intranet

· Automatic updates to all users

· No action required by users

· Updates worldwide

· Can update 1k to 10Gb

· All updates logged

· Project director can add, delete,
  amend or rename any or all files
  at anytime.


Online log

· Logs all users' details

· Overview of total users

· Overview of regions/departments

· Overview of file usage

· Users' systems details

· Detailed log of installation

· Expandable on request



The WizKit can be expanded to include any range of other items

All of the items shown above can be included in the WizKit packages. Also the WizKit can be expanded to include any range of content files (e.g. company credentials, sales material, etc.), and/or any range of additional software tools to assist in making presentations (e.g. corporate colour toolbar, automatic brand checker etc.). The expansion can happen when the package is first created by us, or organically grown over time by you, you may begin with a simple package and then over time add business specific content material or bring on board new departments or regions.







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