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The simple answer is:
'in' works 'in which ever way suits you'.

We work throughout the world with many of the world's leading companies and design/branding agencies. We have done so for the last two decades. This has given us a unique wealth of experience in creating branded digital media and implementing the projects within the corporate environment. Everything from a simple PowerPoint or Word template to a complete company-wide communications and presentation system. This experience means that we can deliver fast meaningful solutions to companies throughout the world. An emailed brief and a phone meeting is all that is required for us to give you advice on a project and/or implement it for you. We are always happy to meet clients face to face when desired. 

Working directly with major companies

We work directly with major companies. Most often with the marketing, branding or sales departments on a range of communications projects. With our experience in implementing projects on an almost weekly basis for major companies, we have a unique knowledge and experience in creating branded technical solutions and ensuring they are user-friendly, practical and affordable. In addition, we have a range of tried-and-tested software solutions with which to implement the projects, allowing the projects to be completed and rolled-out within weeks.

For example: WizKit: a complete solution to all your company's PowerPoint presentation problems, custom-built to your brand identity and rolled-out worldwide within a matter of weeks.

All of this means that without doubt, we can guarantee a fast successful result for the project at a cost that would be less than an internal development.


Working with design and branding agencies

As a design or branding agency, often you will be asked to produce or advise on the creation of communications material, e.g. Word or PowerPoint templates, reports, sales material, presentation systems, etc. However, your new amazing designs may have been rejected as being un-workable or impractical, or through a purely 'technical' implementation, the designs are reduced to the lowest common denominator, losing their 'WOW' factor.

This is where 'in' delivers results. We know how to implement your designs in a workable way within major companies. Furthermore, we have a proven track record of success in doing just that with companies around the world ranging in size from 2,500 people to 250,000 people.

We are happy to build anything from a simple PowerPoint or Word template to a complete company-wide communications and presentation system.

All that is required from you are the basic designs, supplied in any format. We would then advise you on their suitability and deal with all matters concerning their creation, usability, testing and installation to ensure their suitability for your client's system.

Put simply; you design, we build.






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